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Dynamic growth + income capital guaranteed FRNID
02 August 2007

Picking the winner, year in and year out

CIMB Bank is pleased to announce the launch of Dynamic Growth + Income Capital Guaranteed FRNID. It is a dynamically managed 3 year RM denominated FRNID that offers the potential for annual income and the opportunity for capital growth, along with the safety of 100% capital protection when held to maturity. Dynamic Growth + Income Capital Guaranteed FRNID offers investors a variable return of up to 9.75% p.a. for the first and second year with potential unlimited return in the third year.

The Dynamic Growth + Income Capital Guaranteed FRNID focuses on new and exciting asset classes, coupled with the assurance of 100% principal protection if held to maturity. The three new asset classes are Energy & Renewable Energy, European and Japanese REITS and Global Infrastructure and Listed Private Equity. In addition, investors will benefit from two important features where:

(a) their returns are based on the best performing portfolio out of the 3 portfolios every year and
(b) the returns are paid annually.

In the Energy & Renewable Energy focused portfolio, investors achieve exposure to conventional energy sources such as oil and natural gas as well as newer energy sources in bio-diesel and ethanol such as palm oil and corn where prices have been increasing due to growing global demand, population growth and demand for cleaner sources of energy away from fossil fuels.

In REITs, investors achieve exposure to European and Japanese real estate markets and for the third asset class, investors achieve exposure to global multi-national infrastructure and listed private equity companies.

CIMB Group is committed to maintaining its market leadership position in the Structured Investments space where CIMB Group was the first to develop and issue Islamic structured products, the first to issue conventional FRNIDs and to-date has launched the most number of structured investment products covering asset classes in equity, commodity, interest rates and hybrids such as the Islamic All-Stars Restricted Mudharabah investment-I, Takaful Global Giants, Islamic Structured Growth Fund, Star Select FRNID and Best Select Capital Guaranteed.

Dynamic Growth + Income Capital Guaranteed FRNID is available now at all CIMB Bank branches nationwide. Investors can also enquire at Bumiputra-Commerce Bank branches as well as through Direct Access and CIMB Private Banking.